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Information to help you carry out legal research


Find all books in the Library, in print and online, by using OneSearch.

Screenshot of the OneSearch search bar

Choose the 'Books and more' search mode, or search 'Everything' and refine your results to books later.  

Finding Law books in the Law Library

All print books are allocated a classmark, a code describing the book's topic, which is printed on the spine or cover of the book. It is used to order the books on the shelves and bring together at the same place books on the same topic. Our system  uses capital letters to indicate major subject areas. Classmarks for resources on Law start with S. Relevant material will also be found in other areas including KDQO - Criminology and R - Politics. Numbers, stops and lower case letters may also be added to the main letter code to describe in more detail a book's topic. Classmarks end with an author mark in round brackets, generally the surname of the author, used to make it easier to find a particular book if there are lots at the same classmark: SM31 (B).

Books are arranged on the shelf in the following order:

  Capitals    SC
  Numbers      SC201
  Stops    SC201.E2  

There are separate sequences for oversize books and pamphlets at the end of the classmark range. Make sure you check the location details on OneSearch:

Screenshot of an example of the classmark for Oversize books: e.g. B Floor Oversize SL224 (A)

Screenshot of an example of the classmark for pamphlets: e.g. B Floor Pamphlet SN170 (H)

The Law Library is split into two sections: Primary Materials - Law Reports and Legislation and Secondary Materials - Journals and Books.

Useful subject classmarks for Law

Below are some of the key classmarks in the area of Law that may help you as you browse the shelves.

The main Law collection is shelved at classmark S and is located on B Floor of the Library.

Subject Classmark
Jurisprudence SA10
Public International Law SC100
International Law - Human Rights SC200
International Criminal Law SC210
English Legal System SL11
Legal Ethics SL82
Legal Education SL130
Constitutional Law SM31
Criminal Law SM500
Contract SN10
Tort SN30
Land Law SN80
Environmental Law SN94
Family Law SN170
Medical Law SN185
Business Law SN261
European Union Law SW71

Request a Resource

Materials you need not in the Library? Use the Request a Resource form to request materials for study or research, suggest a title for the leisure reading collection, or a title to improve the diversity of the library collection.