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Parliamentary Papers Online

Parliamentary Papers are available on the UK Parliamentary Papers (1688-2005) database.  This includes sessional papers from 1715 to 2003, with supplementary material back to 1688, plus access to Hansard from 1803-2005.

Parliamentary papers from the 2006/2007 session are available via Public Information Online - UK parliament.  This also includes Public General and Local Acts, Hansard and the House of Commons Weekly Information bulletin, useful for tracing the passage of bills through Parliament.

The work of the Government - Parliamentary Papers and Hansard

Parliamentary publications include

  • House of Lords Papers & Bills
  • House of Commons Bills
  • House of Commons Papers
  • Command Papers

These are available in print format in the library on C+ Floor from the 1963/64 parliamentary session.

Command papers are shelved by series and number. The prefix, or lack of a prefix, denotes the series:

  • 1- 4222 1833-1868/69
  • C.1- C.9550 1870-1899
  • Cd.1- Cd.9239 1900-1918
  • Cmd.1- Cmd.9889 1919-1955/56
  • Cmnd. 1 - Cmnd. 9927 1956-1986
  • Cm.1- continuing 1986/87 continuing

Hansard is the Official Report of debates in Parliament, from both the House of Commons and House of Lords, available from 1803 onwards.  It is a largely verbatim record of debates and questions, including written ministerial statements and answers to parliamentary questions.  The Parliamentary Register, a precursor of Hansard, recorded debates from 1776-1805 and accounts were also recorded in the official journals which are available online in the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers database.