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Take a look at LexisNexis's student hub to see the quick start and international user guides.

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Explore the new Westlaw UK interfaces (Spring 2019)

New interface

In spring 2019 Westlaw UK introduced its new interface.  Both the new product and the legacy product will be available via OneSearch until the end of July 2019 after which the legacy product will be discontinued.  The personalisation features will not be migrated;  if you use these, review your alerts and folders during the period of dual access and set them up within the new Westlaw UK.

The main differences between the platforms are:


The first time you log in to the new product you will need to register with your name and Lancaster email address. 

Screenshot of the registration screen

This replaces creating a My Westlaw UK Profile and enables personalisation functionality for everyone.


Material from other jurisdictions

International material including EU material is now available on a separate database called TR Westlaw, also listed on OneSearch.  You can link through to EU material from Westlaw UK via the More tab, but not to material from other jurisdictions.

When you access TR Westlaw, the home page, as previously, lists international jurisdictions from the US perspective.  To access US materials, click on the Thomson Reuters Westlaw logo at the top of the page. 

Screenshot of the International Materials screen


Annotating documents

You can add annotations to the top of documents using the tools on the right - select the New Annotation post it note symbol

Screenshot of annotating documents

Alternatively, create an inline note by  highlighting text and clicking on the desired note colour

Screenshot of text with the use of the highlighting tool



Practitioner texts included in our subscription can now be accessed via the Viewing drop-down at the top of the screen

Screenshot of the drop-down menu at the top of the screen



Linking to documents is now available via permalinks - just click on the chain symbol to get the link Screenshot of the permalink function

Screenshot of the window to create a permalink

These links are useful for placing on Moodle - the Westlaw licence does not permit adding documents to Moodle - or for use in a Resource List.  Students just need to click on Access through academic institution to sign in.

Legislation compare tool

Use this new feature to compare versions of the act showing both deleted and added text.  Click on the Compare versions  button,

Screenshot of the legislation compare tool in action

then select the two versions for comparison to see the complete information

Screenshot of legislation comparison

Screenshot of the results of a comparison


Westlaw's legal encyclopedia Insight, is now called Overviews.You can search all the Overviews from the Welcome Page by selecting it via the Options drop-down list.

More information

A User Guide and FAQs are available.