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Disability History Month

Disability History Month: November. Includes resources, links, awareness and events

Disability History Month 2022

Disability History Month runs from 16th November through to 16th December 2022.  The theme this year is:

Disability, Health, Wellbeing.

It was highlighted during the Covid 19 pandemic the fragility of the rights of the disabled community.  It showed how rights were overriden by politicians, medical professionals or the population in general judging by abelist standards.  Disabled people were not protected and had the highest preventable death rate.

DHM poster 2022

(Taken from Disability History Month Webpage)

For further information on Disability History Month please see their webpage

Disability History Month Events 2022

Disability History Month Launch Event

The Library will be projecting the Disability History Month Launch Event in the Library Events Area 7-8.30 on Thursday 17th November 2022.  This will be a face to face event in the Events area in the Library.  This will be broadcast live on zoom by the central Disability History Month organisation.  Bookings for this event are here.

A recording of the launch event is now available for you to watch on youtube.

Sitting Tai Chi

Face to face and online.  Library events space.  24 November 2022 1-2pm. To book, click here

Disability History Month film screening

Inside I'm Dancing

Cast: Alan King; Brenda Fricker; James McAvoy; Miriam King; Romola Garai; Steven Robertson.

Synopsis (taken from Box of Broadcasts): Moving drama about a young man with cerebral palsy whose life is changed by the arrival of a rebellious companion at his Dublin home for the disabled. Together, the pair find a flat and hire a nurse to take care of them, but they both end up falling for her, which causes friction in their friendship.

Location: Face to Face in Event Space, Library A floor 30th November 2022 at 6pm. To book click here.

Documentary and Discussion

Events Space in Lancaster University Library - 5th December 2022 12-1.30pm.

There will be a viewing of the documentary programme "Click" (2020) A vision of the future.  Which was originally broadcast on Sunday 6th December 2020.  This documentary shows some of the groundbreaking technology that can help disabled people. The documentary is 30 minutes and will be followed by a discussion lead by Liz Fawcett on the topics of Disability and environmental impact, cost of living and accessibility.  It would be good to have as many people as possible to hear their views and experiences. To book click here.

Boccia Tournament

Face to face in Event space in the Library - 14th December 2022 1pm onwards.

Boccia is an inclusive sport played sitting down which is a bit like boules.  You can see someone playing it here.  We hope you will have fun having a game of Boccia which is a Para-Olympic and Special-Olympic sport. To book a space to join in click here.



Disability History Month resource list

The Disability History Month resource list includes books, journal articles, a viewing list and audio material, curated by Library staff.  Some of the material is freely accessible online, and others are located in the Library building.  We welcome you to suggest titles for the playlist.  You can fill out a postcard in the Library, or e-mail us with suggestions at

Disability History Month book display

Location: Lancaster University Library A Floor  

From Wednesday 16th November, a collection of books and pamphlets on the subject of Disability History will be on display near the entrance to the Library. 

Databases for media

There are various databases Lancaster university Library subscribe to that have films, documentaries and other media resources which are searchable for themes such as Disability:


British Film Institute (BFI) Which this link is to Disabled Britain on Film

Box of Broadcasts This film and documentary listing has been curated by library staff on our streaming media Box of Broadcasts. You will need to login by selecting Lancaster University to access the list. We welcome suggested titles for the playlist.  You can fill out a postcard in the Library, or contact us at


Book Display A Floor Entrance 

DHM Book Display