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Map resources

Map resources at Lancaster University Library

General information on geology maps

The University Library map collection contains a variety of maps, including geological and soil maps. This guide lists some of the major geological and soil maps available in the collection, and also other sources concerning geology and soils. The guide concentrates on Great Britain, but the collection also contains maps from other countries. National atlases also contain small-scale geological and soil maps.

Please see the Digimap tab for information about the Geology resources available within Digimap.

Geological maps

The British Geological Survey (formerly the Institute of Geological Sciences) is the major publisher for geological maps of Great Britain. The major series held by the library are as follows:

1:1,584,000 - Tectonic map of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. (Sheet Map 5ea101.W - Map Chest 4)

1:625,000 - Geological Survey ten mile map. 2 Solid sheets, 2 Quaternary. (Map 5ea87.Y - B30)

1:250,000 - Solid geology. Maps available for the whole of Great Britain. (Sheet Map 5ea61.Y - Folder 1)

1:250,000 - Seabed sediments and Quaternary geology. Maps available for coastal areas (coverage incomplete). (Sheet Map 5ea61.Y - Folder 2)

1:250,000 - Bouguer gravity anomaly maps and Aeromagnetic anomaly maps are available for the local area (Isle of Man, Lake District, Liverpool Bay sheets). (Sheet Map 5ea61.Y - Folder 2)

1:63,360 - One-inch maps of Solid and Drift geology. Mainly north-west England. (Sheet Map 5ea26.W - Map Chest 4)

1:50,000 - Solid and drift geology. Mainly northern England, other regions incomplete. (Sheet Map 5ea21.Y - Vertical Map Chests S2 & S3)

1:10,000 - Local area including SD45, SD46, SD55, SD56, SD66. (Sheet Map 5eqd6.Y - Vertical Map Chest S1)


Other sources for Geology:

Regional geochemistry of the Lake District and adjacent areas. British Geological Survey, 1992. (Atlas DL18eqc - kept in Map Room B32)

Regional geochemistry of Southern Scotland and part of Northern England. British Geological Survey, 1993. (Atlas DL18esb - kept in Map Room B32)

Wolfson Geochemical Atlas of England and Wales. Clarendon Press, 1978. (Atlas DL18 - kept in Map Room B32)

British Geological Survey Reports - individual reports covering various geological topics. (Oversize Pamphlet DG69 - B Floor Green Zone)

British Geological Survey Technical Reports - reports mainly on the geology of a specific area related to 1:10,000 scale maps. (Local area reports at Oversize Pamphlet DGVeqd - B Floor Green Zone)

British Regional Geology series - describe the geology of individual regions of the United Kingdom. (DGVea - B Floor Green Zone)

Geological Survey Memoirs - cover areas corresponding to 1:63,360 (DGVea - B Floor Green Zone) and 1:50,000 scale maps (Oversize Book DGVea - B Floor Red Zone).

Soil maps

The Soil Survey and Land Research Centre (formerly the Soil Survey of England and Wales) publishes soil maps and survey information for England and Wales. The Map Collection includes the following :

1:1,000,000 - Soil maps of England and Wales. Maps of soil; accumulated temperature; average maximum potential cumulative soil moisture deficit; grassland suitability; land use capability; wind exposure; winter rain acceptance potential. (Sheet Map 5ea101.Y - Folders 3 & 5)

1:1,000,000 - Soil map of the European Communities. Commission of the European Communities, 1985. 7 maps and booklet. (Map 5dw101.y - B30)

1:250,000 - Soil maps of England and Wales. 6 sheets. (Sheet Map 5ea61.Y - Folder 5)

1:250,000 - Soil Survey of Scotland. Soil and land capability for agriculture. A series of maps with explanatory booklets. (Map 5es61.Y - kept in B30)

1:50,000 & 1:25,000 - Soil Survey Records. A series of maps with explanatory booklets covering counties or particular districts. (Various classmarks - kept in B30)

Other sources for soil :

Soil Survey Bulletins - regional surveys to accompany the 1:250,000 maps. (FFEea - B Floor Green Zone)

Soil Survey Memoirs - district surveys for England and Wales (FFEea - B Floor Green Zone) and Scotland (FFEes - B Floor Green Zone)