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Mobile and Browser Applications

Useful Library Apps for your Phone and Browser

Lean Library

Do you Use Paper Panda, Unpaywall, Sci-Hub or Z-Library?


Lean Library is a browser extension that connects you with Lancaster University Library resources both on and off campus.

Enhance Google Scholar, Amazon and the Internet with full-text and open access links

Pop Up Library Guidance

Seamless automatic login to Library subscriptions

Chat to the Library Team in your Browser


Download Lean Library

Note about Compatible Devices and Browsers

Library resources are tested against Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and most resources and apps work well with up-to-date iOS and Android devices.

Kindle and ePaper Devices

The only compatible ePaper readers that are compatible with library resources are devices that can access the Android App Store such as Onyx Boox.  Amazon Kindle devices are not compatible with the exception of the Amazon Fire models. PDFs and full-text can be 'pushed' from the browser to Remarkable Reader devices using a browser plugin or eMailed to your Kindle.

The best tablet/mobile device for seamless access to library resources is an Apple iPad.

The next best alternative device is a Microsoft Surface. 

Chromebook Tablets work well, however, vary greatly in performance and compatibility, with budget devices performing poorly. Many models can run both Mobile and Browser apps on the same device.