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Decolonising Literature Searching

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This is a 'living guide' for students and researchers. We rely on you for updates!  Resources are added via expert opinions, social networks and personal reccomendations.

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John Barbrook

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John Barbrook

CC BY-NC 3.0

This guide is available (CC BY-NC 3.0)

If you do reuse, please let us know so we can share any updates.


About this Guide

The Library team has been investigating both the resources and strategies needed to 'Decolonise Searching'. A possible criticism of  literature searching is that it is based on established journal databases, and fails to 'surface' resources from the 'Global South' (Either by not including, or swamping out relevant resources)

The addition of additional Journal and Preprint searching, and additional Grey Literature searches to a 'Highly Sensitive Search Strategy' can improve your results, and 'Decolonise Literature Searching'