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Black History Month

Explore Library resources, stories and perspectives on Black History Month from Lancaster University Library and beyond.

Interviews, Documentaries and Films

The library provides access to a number of media streaming services on which you can find playlists highlighting documentaries and films offering an insight into Black history and culture. 

Box of Broadcasts (BoB)
The Library created a video playlist called 'Black History Month - Lancaster University'. If you have suggestions for additions to this playlist please let us know by emailing

BBC Black History Month

Black Lives Matter collection from Exact Editions

Black Freedom Struggle in the United States Collection

ProQuest have launched a new collection of primary sources called Black Freedom Struggle in the United States and made it freely available for students and researchers to access. 

The collection includes more than 2,000 documents curated around six crucial phases of the U.S. Black freedom struggle including:

  • Resistance to slavery by enslaved persons and the abolitionist movement of the 19th century
  • The end of slavery during the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era
  • The fight against Jim Crow segregation
  • The New Deal and World War II
  • The Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement from 1946-1975
  • …and the contemporary Black experience since 1976.

ProQuest quote that "by centering on the experiences and perspectives of African Americans, we hope this collection imbues the study of Black history with a deeper understanding of the humanity of people who have pursued the quest for freedom, and the significance of movements like Black Lives Matter".   

Access at:

Pictures showing scenes and people from the significant eras in Black History.