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LGBT+ History Month

LGBT+ History Month (2021)

Pride flag: Colourful, bold abstract flag showing the colours associated with LGBT prideLGBT+ History Month is an annual celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans+ and queer culture taking place in February each year. It provides an opportunity to reflect on and remember the history of the LGBT+ rights and related civil rights movements. As Sue Sanders, founder of LGBT+ History Month also stated, it is an opportunity to "educate out prejudice".

The library is proud to recognise this important event and working together with the LU Staff LGBT+ Network and the LU Student LGBTQ+ Association we look forward to delivering:

  • An author event and reading groups, including a book giveaway
  • A curated online guide including a reading list highlighting relevant library resources and collections
  • A physical display of print books in the library building (A floor)
  • A playlist of programmes and documentaries celebrating LGBTQ+ history and lives
  • The promotion of events held within Lancaster University and beyond. 

2021 LGBT+ History Month Theme: Body. Mind. Spirit

Black outline of a lightbulbNow in it's 15th year, LGBT+ History month has an annual theme. For 2021 it is Body. Mind. Spirit.

The five faces chosen to represent this theme are:

  1. Lily Parr [1905 -1978]
    LGBT+ icon Lily Parr was the 1st woman to be inducted to the National Football Museum Hall of Fame. 
  2. Mark Ashton [1960 - 1987]
    Communist and gay activist, Mark Ashton formed LGSM - Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners.
  3. Maya Angelou [1928 - 2014]
    Poet and civil rights activist who wrote and read 'On the Pulse of Morning' at President Bill Clinton's inauguration (20 Jan 1993). Themes of the poem included change, inclusion and responsibility.
  4. Michael Dillon [1915 - 1962]
    British physician and Buddhist monk known for his pioneering transition from female to male between 1939-46. 50 years after his death, his memoir 'Out of the ordinary: a life of gender and spiritual transitions' was published.
  5. Mark Weston [1905 - 1978]
    Born Mary Louise Edith Weston, this leading British field athlete underwent surgery, changing gender presentation, to become Mark Weston. 

Members of the University community can learn more about some of these individuals on Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, a library collection of biographies for individuals who have shaped British history and culture. 

Five faces of Body. Mind. Spirt. Photographs of Lily Parr, Mark Ashton, May Angelou, Michael Dillon and Mark Weston

[Image credit: Five Faces for 2021 by LGBT+ History Month]

Lancaster University LGBT+ Staff Network

Image of a flag with a red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple horizontal stripe. Text to the right of the flag reads Lancaster University LGBT+ Staff NetworkThe Lancaster University LGBT+ Staff Network exists to empower lesbian, gay, bi, trans, non-binary, queer, intersex, asexual or questioning (LGBTQIA+) staff and postgraduate students by creating a safe and supportive working environment for its members. We hold regular meetings and events, and communicate with our members, staff and students on LGBTQIA+ issues.

We aim to raise awareness and the profile of LGBTQIA+ issues and ensure that there are visible role models at different levels of the organisation.

Membership is open to all permanent and temporary staff or postgraduate students at Lancaster University who define themselves as LGBTQIA+, and any permanent and temporary staff or postgraduate students who consider themselves to be our allies. We are inclusive of people with multiple identities and particularly welcome members from marginalised and underrepresented groups.

To join the Network, please email

Lancaster University Student LGBTQ+ LiberationArts

Bookshelves in what looks to be a library, topped with a rainbow flag on which the text 'Read' is displayedProduced by the Lancaster University Students' Union VP Welfare, Amy Merchant, and the LUSU LGBTQ+ Officer, Jesse Phillips, the LGBTQ+ LiberationArts LibGuide recommends books, films, series and more. 

See: LiberationArts LibGuide