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Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme

Sunlower scheme logo

What is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme?

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a globally recognised symbol for non-visible disabilities, also known as hidden disabilities or invisible disabilities.

People living with these often face barriers in their daily lives including a lack of understanding and negative attitudes. So some choose to wear the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to discreetly identify that they may need support, help, or just a little more time in shops, transport, or public spaces.  For more information visit

There are Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyards available for free in the Library and with the College Porters.

National Autistic Society - booklets to download

These short guides have been created by the National Autistic Society

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World Autism Acceptance Week: 27 March - 2 April 2023

In the UK, the leading charity for autistic people and their families in the National Autistic Society and each year during World Autism Acceptance Week they lead a campaign to recognise and celebrate autistic people. The theme for 2023 is colour.


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