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Map resources

Map resources at Lancaster University Library

Lancashire historic maps

The following images have been scanned from maps in the collection of Dr Ian Saunders (unless otherwise stated) and have been used as illustrations in Printed Maps of Lancashire: the first two hundred years (CNWRS, Lancaster, 2013).  The map reference numbers in that book are included in the list below after the date, which is usually the year of the first issue, but in some cases is that for the particular edition illustrated. The jpeg images may be reduced to fit the screen and can usually be enlarged, depending on your browser. 
Warning: File sizes for some maps may be large.

Please note that 'thumb-nail' illustrations displayed on this page are sometimes distorted, to be wider or narrower than the original map shape. When you click through to the full size image no such distortion will show.

You are welcome to use the images of these maps for personal, educational or research purposes. They must not be used for commercial purposes without the permission of Lancaster University Library and the copyright holder.

1578  (Map 1A)
Gerardus Mercator. ‘Europae I Tabula’
from Tabulae Geographicae Cl. Ptolomaei
(Duisberg, 1578)
Map 1A 1578
1831  (Map 1B)
J. and C. Walker. ‘Lancashire... according to the Doomsday Survey’
from Baines’s History of the County ...
of Lancaster
(London, 1836)
Map 1B 1831
1540  (Map 1C)
Sebastian Münster. ‘Anglia II Nova Tabula’
woodcut from Ptolemy’s Geographia
(Basle, 1540).
Map 1C 1540
1573  (Map 2A)
Humphrey Lhuyd. ‘Angliae Regni Florentissimi Nova Descriptio...’
from Ortelius’s Theatrum Orbis Terrarum
(Antwerp, 1592)
Map 2A 1573
1595  (Map 2B)
Gerardus Mercator. ‘Westmorlandia, Lancastria, Cestria...’
from Atlas sive Cosmographicae
Meditationes... Part III (Dusseldorf, 1595) 
Map 2B 1595
1607  (Map 2C)
Jodocus Hondius. ‘Westmorland, Castria, Cestria...’
from Atlas Minor... (Arnhem, 1609) 
Map 2C 1607
1637  (Map 2C)
Jodocus Hondius. ‘Westmorland, Castria, Cestria...’ (1607)
late issue with heavy plate wear
from Historia Mundi, or Mercator’s Atlas...
(London, 1637)
Map 2C 1637
1616  (Map 2D)
Petrus Bertius. ‘Westmorland: Lancastria Cestria etc.’
from reduced Mercator Atlas (Amsterdam, 1618)
Map 2D 1616
1628  (Map 2E)
Jan Jansson. ‘Lancastria, Cestria...’
from Atlas Minor... (Amsterdam, 1630)
Map 2E 1628
1630  (Map 2F)
Johan Cloppenburg. ‘Westmorlandia, Lancastria, Cestria...’
from his reduced Mercator Atlas (Amsterdam, 1630)
Map 2F 1630
1577  (Map 2G)
Christopher Saxton. ‘Lancastriae Comitatus Palatin...’
from the first county atlas (London, 1577)
Map 2G 1577
1693  (Map 2H)
Christopher Saxton. ‘The County Palatine of Lancaster...’ 1577
as amended by Philip Lea for his county atlas (London, 1693)
Map 2H 1693
c.1770  (Map 2H)
The final state of the 1577 Saxton map (Dicey, London, c.1770)
with colour coding to indicate successive changes:
GREEN:  in 1642 by William Web  (title, Royal Arms).
RED:  in 1665 by an unknown owner  (town plan, Arms, names, Hundreds ...).
BLUE:  from c.1683 to 1693 by Philip Lea 
(roads, borough signs, title ...).
MAGENTA:  in 1720 by Willdey (imprint in
box); in 1749 by Jefferys (imprint removed).
Map 2H 1770
1590  (Map 2J)
William Bowes. ‘Lancashire’
from a pack of playing cards (London, 1590)
Reproduced courtesy of Mr Philip Burden
Map 2J 1590
c.1660  (Map 2K)
William Smith. ‘Lancastriae Comitatus Palatinus...’ (1602)
loose sheet issue by Peter Stent (London, c.1660)
Map 2K 1660
1821  (Map 2L)
Matthew Gregson. ‘Lancashire, 1598 WSR’
inaccurately copied from the 1598 manuscript (B.M. Harl. MS. 6159)
from Gregson’s ‘Portfolio of Fragments...’ (Liverpool, 2nd Ed.,
Map 2L 1821

1607  (Map 3A)
William Hole. ‘Lancastriae Comitatus Palatinus...’
from William Camden’s Britannia
(London, 1610)
Map 3A 1607
1622  (Map 3B)
William Hole. ‘Lancashyre’
from M. Drayton’s Poly-Olbion, Part 2
(London, 1622)
Map 3B 1622
1610  (Map 3C)
John Speed and Jodocus Hondius. ‘The Countie Palatine of Lancaster...’
from Speed’s Theatre of the Empire of
Great Britaine
(London, 1632)
Map 3C 1610
 c.1720  (Map 3C)
John Speed and Jodocus Hondius. ‘The Countie Palatine of Lancaster...’ (1610)
revised by Henry Overton for his England
Fully Described...
(London, c.1720)
Reproduced courtesy of Mr Chris Abram
1720 Map 3C
 c.1600  (Map 3D)
Pieter van den Keere. ‘Lancastria’
from a reduced Camden’s Britannia (Blaeu, Amsterdam, 1617)
Map 3D 1600
c.1627  (Map 3D)
Pieter van den Keere. ‘Lancastria’ (c.1600)
with title in English as ‘Lancaster’ for ‘the Miniature Speed’
from the abridgement of Speed’s Theatre...
(Humble, London, 1627)
1626  (Map 3E)
John Bill. ‘Lancashire’
from Bill’s abridgement of Camden’s Britannia (London,1626)
Reproduced courtesy of Mr Philip Burden
Map 3E 1626

 1635  (Map 3F)
Jacob van Langeren. 'Lancashire' copied from 2J
from Mathew Simons's A Direction for the English Traviller (London, 1635)

Map 3F 1635
 1643 (Map 3G)
Thomas Jenner. The larger map replacing 3F from Jenner's
Book of Names... (London,1657)
Map 3G 1637
1645  (Map 3H)
Johan Blaeu. ‘Lancastria Palatinatus...’
from Blaeu’s Atlas, vol.5 (Amsterdam,
Map 3H 1645
1636 (Map 3J)
Jan Jansson. 'Comitatus Lancastrensis...' first state of this Lancashire map
from his appendix to Mercator-Hondius Atlas (Amsterdam, 1636)
Map 3J 1636
1646  (Map 3K)
Jan Jansson. ‘Lancastria Palatinatus...’ second state of this Lancashire map
from his Novus Atlas, sive Theatrum Orbis
(Amsterdam, 1652)
Map 3K 1646
 1673 (Map 3L)
Richard Blome. The large map of Lancashire by Blome.
from Blome's Britannia... (London, 1673)
Map 3L 1673
1681  (Map 3M)
Richard Blome. The small map of Lancashire by Blome
first state from Speed’s Maps Epitomised
(London, 1681)
Map 3M 1681
1717  (Map 3M)
Richard Blome. The small map of Lancashire by Blome (1681)
final state from Thomas Taylor’s England
Exactly Described
... (London, 1717)
Map 3M 1717
1675 (Map 3N)
John Ogilby. 'The Road from London to Carlisle'
plate 37 in Ogilby's Britannia, Volume the first (London, 1698 reprint)
with the left hand section of plate 38 in the same volume.
Map 3N 1675
1676  (Map 3P)
Robert Morden. ‘Lancaster Sh[ire]:’ with stencilled suit mark
(a) state 1, (b) state 2  from Morden’s
packs of playing cards (London, 1676)
Reproduced courtesy of Mr Philip Burden
(c)   state 3, trimmed and mounted on
a thin page by Morden and Pask (London, 1680)
(d)   state 3, mounted on a thick page by
Homan Turpin (London, 1764 or later)
Map 3P 1676
1676  (Map 3Q)
William Redmayne. ‘Lanca= Shire’
from Redmayme’s pack of playing cards (London, 1676)
Reproduced courtesy of Mr Philip Burden
Map 3Q 1676
1717  (Map 3R)
John Lenthall. ‘Lancaster Shire’  copied
from Robert Morden (second state)
from Lenthall’s pack of playing cards (London, first state, 1717)
Reproduced courtesy of Mr Brian Kentish
Map 3R 1717
1695  (Map 4A)
Robert Morden. ‘The County Palatine of Lancaster’
first state of Morden’s large map
from Camden’s Britannia (London, 1695)
Map 4A 1695
1753  (Map 4A)
Robert Morden. ‘The County Palatine of Lancaster’ (1695)
final state of Morden’s large map
from Camden’s Britannia (London, 1753)
Map 4A 1753
1701  (Map 4B)
Robert Morden. ‘The County Palatine of Lancaster’
first state of Morden’s small map
from The New Description and State of England (London, 1701)
Map 4B 1701
1719  (Map 4B)
Robert Morden. ‘The County Palatine of Lancaster’ (1701)
final state of Morden’s small map, revised by Herman Moll,
from Magna Britannia et Hibernia...
(London, 1720)
Map 4B 1720
1719  (Map 4C)
T. Cox and E. Nutt. Lancashire distance table accompanying 4B
from Magna Britannia et Hibernia...
(London, 1720)
Map 4C 1719

 c.1694 (Map 4D)
John Seller. 'Lancashire'
first state from Camden's Britannia Abridg'd... (London, 1701)

 Map 4D 1701
1787  (Map 4D)
John Seller. ‘Lancashire’ (c.1694)
final state from Francis Grose’s Antiquities of
(London, 1787)
Map 4D 1787
1720  (Map 4E)
Emanuel Bowen. His first county map
from Britannia Depicta ... (London, c.1720)
Map 4E 1720
1724  (Map 4F)
Herman Moll. ‘The County Palatine of Lancaster...’
from A New Description of England and
... (London, 1724)
Map 4F 1724
 1741 (Map 4G)
Thomas Badeslade and William Toms.‘Lancashire North from London’
second state from Chorographia Britanniae... (London, 1742)
Map 4G 1741
c.1746  (Map 4G)
Thomas Badeslade and William Toms. ‘Lancashire North from London’ (1741)
third state from Chorographia Britanniae...
(London, c.1746)
Map 4G 1746
 1743 (Map 4H)
John Cowley. 'An Improved Map of Lancashire...'
from The Geography of England... (London,1744)
Map 4H 1743
1744  (Map 4J)
Anonymous. ‘Lancashire’, in a later state by John Rocque
from Adlard and Browne’s England
(London, 1769)
Map 4J 1744
1746  (Map 4K)
Samuel Simpson. ‘Lancashire’
from Robert Walker’s The Agreeable
(London, 1746)
Map 4K 1746
1748  (Map 4L)
Thomas Hutchinson. ‘A Correct Map of Lancashire’
from Osborne’s Geographia Magnae
(London, 1748)
1748  (Map 4M)
Thomas Kitchin and Thomas Jefferys.  ‘A
Map of Lancashire’
from The Small English Atlas (London,1751)
Map 4M 1748
1750  (Map 5A)
Thomas Kitchin. ‘Lancashire... Corrected from Astronl. Observatns...’
from The London Magazine  (London, 1750)
Map 5A 1750
 1751 (Map 5B)
Emanuel Bowen. 'Lancashire...Regulated by Astronl. Observatns...’
from The Universal Magazine ( London, 1751)
Map 5B 1751

1754  (Map 5C)
G. Bickham Junior. ‘A Map of Lancashire’
from The British Monarchy... (London,c.1754)
Reproduced courtesy of Mr Philip Burden 

Map 5C 1754
1759  (Map 5D)
John Gibson, ‘Lancashire’
from Carnan’s New and Accurate Maps of
the Counties
(London, c.1780)
Map 5D 1759
1752  (Map 5E)
Emanuel Bowen. ‘An Accurate Map of the County Of Lancaster’
Hinton edition before atlas publication (London 1752)
Map 5E 1752
1764  (Map 5F)
J. Gibson and E. Bowen. ‘An Accurate Map of the County of Lancaster...’
from The Royal English Atlas (London,c.1764)
Map 5F 1764
1768  (Map 5G)
Thomas Bowen. ‘Lancashire...’
from Atlas Anglicanus... (London,1768)
Map 5G 1764
1761  (Map 5H)
Emanuel Bowen. ‘Lancashire Divided into its Hundreds...’
from the General Magazine of Arts and Sciences (London, 1761)
Map 5H 1761
1768  (Map 5J)
Thomas Bowen. ‘Lancashire, Drawn from the best Authorities’
from Universal Museum (London, 1768)
Map 5J 1768
 1764 (Map 5K)
Thomas Kitchin. 'A New Map of Lancashire...'
from England Illustrated (London, 1764)
Map 5K 1764
1765  (Map 5L)
Joseph Ellis. ‘A Modern Map of Lancashire’
from Ellis’s English Atlas (London, 1768)
Map 5L 1765
1789  (Map 5M)
John Lodge. ‘A New Map of Lancashire...’
from an anonymous atlas (London, 1795)
Map 5M 1789
1769  (Map 5N)
Thomas Kitchin. ‘Lancashire’
from Kitchin’s Pocket Atlass...
(London, 1769)
Map 5N 1769
1784  (Map 5P)
Thomas Condor. ‘A New Map of Lancashire...’
from New British Traveller...
(London, 1784)
with adjacent map of Lincolnshire
Map 5P 1784
1789  (Map 5Q)
John Harrison. ‘A Map of Lancashire...
with Improvements’
from Maps of the English Counties (London, 1791)
Map 5Q 1789
1788  (Map 5R)
William Yates. ‘The County Palatine of Lancaster...’
eight sheets assembled in the form of a wall-map
Reproduced courtesy of Dr William Shannon
Map 5R 1788
1789  (Map 5S)
John Cary. ‘Lancashire...’
from Cary’s New and Correct English Atlas
(London, 1789)
misleadingly dated 1787 in the imprint
Map 5S 1789