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Medicine: Anatomy resources

A guide to library resources for Medicine

Complete Anatomy

Complete Anatomy is the  world's leading 3D anatomy platform, with ground-breaking technology, models and content. Not just an atlas, but an anatomy learning platform.

• THE MOST DETAILED AND COMPLETE human anatomy models, with thousands of individual interactive structures, including a living, beating, dissectible human heart in full 3D.

• Atlas of over 700 Screens, based on illusatrations from Elsevier's foremost anatomy textbooks

Also Includes:

• Complete courses, including Female Anatomy presented by Alice Roberts, Dissection courses, Human Anatomy, Point of Care Ultrasound, Clinical Correlates & many more

• Dynamic Cross-sections, real-time Muscle Motion, Insertion & Origin mapping, Bone Surface & Landmark mapping, 12 layered systems, Nerve Tracer, Blood Supply Tracer

• 28 stunning Microscopic anatomy models

• AR mode including multiuser AR on compatible devices

• Over 1,500 clinical videos on Cardiology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Dentistry & Fitness

• Radiology: view radiological images in parallel with interactive 3D models

Available for Windows 10, iPad, iPhone and Android

Accessing Complete Anatomy

Access details are included in the Accessing Complete Anatomy Document (You will need to log in with your Lancaster eMail). 

If you are staff, please note you have an additional login. Email for details.

University PCs

Install the version available at AppsAnywhere, and use the code included in the above document. Once installed you can launch Complete Anatomy  as you would any other application on your PC. Once installed via AppsAnywhere you can find 'Complete Anatomy' as an installed application in the Windows Start Bar.

On Windows PCs the application acts like an iPad. To zoom scroll with your mouse wheel, and to slide the model on the screen, hold the right mouse button. Rotate by holding the left mouse button.

Acland's Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

Acland's video atlas of human anatomy logo

Key anatomy books

Anatomy resources on the web